"How You Can Quickly Transform your Bank Account and Business to Win in the New Digital Cash Economy 
(without getting scammed or lost in the weeds)"

Saturday, July 25th

Noon EST / 1:00 pm ET
You'll learn:
  • HOW CRYPTO COMPARES TO DOLLARS, STOCKS & FOREIGN CURRENCIES: explore the similarities and differences
  • HOW TO SET UP A WALLET IN 10 MINS: different types of wallets and steps to create a wallet
  • HOW TO CONVERT DOLLARS INTO CRYPTO: how and where to buy and earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • HOW TO MAKE CRYPTO-TO-CRYPTO TRADES: learn about the different exchange platforms and how to exchange Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies
  • HOW TO EARN CRYPTO: even if you’re not paid in crypto you can earn it while learning and shopping online
  • OFFER: Limited time special enrollment pricing for the complete From Cash to Crypto™ Course

Presented by: 

Tonya M. Evans, Founder
Advantage Evans Academy
Tonya is a professor, lawyer, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of people who are traditionally excluded from the finance and tech sectors to learn and earn in the new digital cash economy.
She created the very first blockchain, cryptocurrency and law online certificate program at a top 100 law school in the country with a world class faculty and students from around the globe. She is the chairperson of the MakerDAO’s Maker Ecosystem Growth Foundation board and member of the Bermuda Global FinTech & Emerging Impact Advisory Boards.

She created the Advantage Evans™ Academy, because she believes there’s a more cost effective and time-efficient way to reach your leading-edge learning and earning goals, to put you ahead of the stiff competition in this fast-paced, tech-driven economy to achieve greater autonomy, opportunity and generational wealth.
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